Heraklion Neorio

The 70m long monument of the East Arsenal is one of the most important architectural remains of Venetian occupation. Situated in the vicinity of the old harbor, it is inseparable part of the Olympic City of Heraklion.

The lighting design converts the monument into a landmark, welcoming those people from the sea.
It was a challenge to combine the monumentality and aesthetics of the East Arsenal with its present-day function as a passage. Lit cavities give one the opportunity to experience its space by night.

Entering the interior space the colorful ambience weakens. Complementary color components reminding one of sky blue balanced with strong sun yellow, result in a fluent white light in the middle axis of the gallery with homogeneous illuminance of 6lux.

Fading lights and shadows interweaving with each other emphasize the typical cavity form. Shadow patterns yield a virtual plasticity and thus create a sacred ambience. Dark and bright alternations point in the direction of the asymmetrical passage.