Larissa Miloi Papa

The conversion of Pappas’ mills in the center of Larissa/Greece to an important sight of city’s night view. The conversion of existing bulidings to accommodate new cultural and entertainment facilities necessitated a new approach regarding its appearance and role in the urban nightscape.

The lighting design concept combined on the one hand the mood of nostalgy for the past, stimulating the imagination and silently telling the legend of the building by convenient pictures and on the other hand the night ambience, in which the building gains a new position rather in the time of the day than in the urban space.

The buildings treated with light become scenery. The exterior environment is rendered with cold bluish light to enhance the contrast to the buildings, which are made of warm colour materials (bricks, etc.) and justify that way the use of warm redish light achieved by filters and dimmed halogen lamps.

The colour keeps the brightness contrast in a quiet human scale regarding the lasting view. At the same time the reduced on that way illuminance levels ensure the limitation of light pollution, which would adversely affect the appearance of the dark background constituted by the sky.

Regarding the light distribution throughout the lit surfaces respective projectors have been choosen supporting by appropriate positioning smooth transitions from bright to darker areas and also total glare control, so that light emerges as immaterial property of the scenery while light sources are at the same time concealed for the dominant points of view.