In Cohesion & Complementarity lies the strength of our team

Our People

Our team comprises members with strong family bonds between each other, who represent a wide range of complementary disciplines. The creative interweaving of various skills and mutually shared knowledge from different domains among our team members constitutes the added value of the lighting design concepts we are working out.

Our success is the result of fertile family bonds among our people. When it comes to Lighting Design, we at Stilvi consider our destiny, in the quest for harmony between vision and reason and for proportionate balance between compulsory standards and voluntary excellence.


Georgios Paissidis

Dr. –Ing. Georgios Paissidis is the founder of Stilvi. He is an IALD Professional Member and experienced Lighting Designer with an extensive portfolio. His involvement in education and research imparted to the company the innovative spirit, which remains the steering wheel of the company. He has been the chairman of the National Committee on Illumination of Greece since 2011, which he has been representing in several Technical Committees of CIE and Joint ISO/CIE Technical Committees.

He is the instigator of the Annual International LD Workshop, which is taking place in Greece since 2014 under the headline “Rethink the Night!” with the support of prominent universities from abroad and author of a series of far-reaching articles about the semantic evolution of lighting design in contemporary urban context.


Michael Papanikolaou

Michael Papanikolaou graduated as an Electrical and Computer engineer from the National Technical University of Athens. He has been involved in a wide range of Stilvi’s projects with a contribution related to lighting control system design and commissioning, integration of lighting control to BMS/IoT systems and to photometric tests.

He is a member of the Hellenic Illumination Committee Administrative Board and he belongs to the teaching staff of the International Lighting Design Workshop “Rethink the Night!” since 2014. His music knowledge is an additional incentive for his devotion to technologies related with the composition of Light & Sound ensembles. His research interests include the observation of the interaction between Adaptive Lighting and Human Factors by means of equipment which is appropriate for real-time monitoring of human behaviour and physical condition (e.g. mobile EEG, eye-tracking etc.).


Iva Vassileva

Iva Vassileva graduated in Architecture from the Technical University of Dresden, Germany in 2003. She was awarded in 2002 the 1st Prize in the Competition of Hebel Germany“ Living in the metropolis”- administrative and residential complex in Berlin and in 2004 the 1st Prize in the International Competition Europan 7 for Oeiras, Portugal. Following her enthusiasm for Lighting she completed in 2006 a Master of Advanced Studies at the ETH Zurich with her thesis “Identity of Public Space. Day and Night Perception”.

She has been cooperating with Stilvi since 2003 and has been responsible for the Conceptual Design of prominent Urban and Architectural Lighting Projects and the Design and Development of Lighting Fixtures for specific requirements. Since 2014 she is Chief  Education Officer at the Annual International Lighting Design Workshop “Rethink the Night! “. Her built architectural projects have been distinguished in the Architectural awards “ARCH INOVA 2016”, “DOMES 2015 Awards” and “DOMES 2013 Awards”.


Jason Min

Jason Min graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology/USA and with a Master in Architectural Lighting Design from the University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design of Wismar/DE. In 2008 he became the runner-up in the Koizumi International Lighting Contest.

His extensive professional experience in Lighting Design comprises the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel,  the Nine Tree Hotel and the Nine Tree Convention Center in Seoul and a substantial contribution to notable projects of CLAUDE R. ENGLE LIGHTING CONSULTANT, such as the Zayed National Museum, the African American Civil War Museum, and the Carnegie Library. Jason Min is an Ambassador of the International LD Workshop “Rethink the Night!” in the USA and Korea and belongs to the creative team of Stilvi since 2015.


Sophia Papacosta

Sophia Papacosta is a visual artist based in Athens. She studied Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and graduated with a Master of Arts in Sequential Design & Illustration from the University of Brighton. Her work has been exhibited in Greece and abroad.

She has been cooperating with Stilvi since the “1st Experimental Lighting Design Workshop” at the National Observatory of Athens in 2011 and remains part of the teaching staff at the International Lighting Design Workshop, which is being staged with the support of Stilvi, since 2014, on annual basis under the headline “Rethink the Night!”. She has creatively contributed to the participation of Stilvi in relevant contests, as that of the Light Festival Amsterdam and of “Zuerich by Light” with the project “Blaetterndes Licht”.


Tilemachos Pantazis

Tilemachos Pantazis studied Computer Science at the University of Athens. Then he graduated with a Masters degree in Digital Media Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and focused on Gamification, User Experience, Data Analysis and IoT.

He has manifold professional experience, derived from his cooperation with various SMEs of different business orientation. He joined the team of Stilvi as a trainee in 2012 and has kept collaborating with the company ever since.


Christoph Drews

Christoph Drews studied Interior Architecture at the University of Coburg and graduated with a degree in Media-Architecture from the Bauhaus-University of Weimar. He belongs to the teaching staff of the International Lighting Design Workshop – ILDW under the headline “Rethink the Night!” since 2014 and leverages his projection mapping skills and professional expertise as media artist in favour of demanding projects of Stilvi and on the occasion of ILDW educational activities as well.

Theodoros Antoniou

Theodoros Antoniou is an Electrical and Computer Engineer and a member of the Hellenic Illumination Committee. He creatively engages his software development and computer networking knowledge with lighting control systems and IoT applications and he participates in the technical support team of the International Lighting Design Workshop “Rethink the Night!” since 2017.


Yannis Bravos

Yannis Bravos is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic School of the University of Thessalia and is the youngest partner of the company, which he is supporting as a trainee and organizing committee member of the workshop “Rethink the Night!”

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