10. October 2018

We are glad to be involved, as a contributor with lighting expertise, in the current QUALITEE pilot project led by HELESCO, which aims at the exemplary optimization of energy efficiency in the Headquarters of EPA Attiki.


10. May 2018

Repair & Refurbishment Services for the Renovation of Urban Lighting

Stilvi and Nea Polis launched a new partnership to provide advanced refurbishment services to operators and owners of public lighting installations with fixtures of a particular value of urban design, including those of a specific cultural value, associated with important historical periods even before electrification.
The range of the newly established services is supposed to comply with the recommendations of the White Paper about Serviceable Luminaires in a Circular Economy and to get urban lighting equipment ready and modifiable for the transition to any next step of continuous technological development.
In this context Stilvi is deploying its expertise to support Nea Polis in the implementation of respective projects. First successful innovation-oriented projects, which adopted up-to-date wireless and secure IoT aided lighting control technologies have already been implemented.


21. February 2018
Our colleagues from Helesco, George Kamaras and Yorgos Polymenopoulos are from now on approved energy auditors of the highest rank according to the respective list of the Ministry of Energy of Greece. This development opens up a new perspective for our SPIN (SME Partnerships for Innovative Energy Services), established in the framework of the EPC Plus project, as we gain access to projects of installed power above 1 MW.


9. January 2018
Dr. –Ing. Georgios Paissidis, has been involved in the newly established ICP Technical Forum about the fulfillment of IREE requirements in street lighting projects according to an imminent protocol, which is expected to be the outcome of the respective forum. Stilvi will be committed to promote the application of the IREE compliant protocol and support the design and implementation of street lighting projects in this fashion.


6. December 2017

Lighting Design makes Energy Efficiency happen !

Yet, this conclusion can’t be inverted and it is self-evident, that a lighting design from scratch would yield even more benefits than the illustrated ones, which are the outcome of a compromising modification of an existing LED based lighting installation in a since several years completed shop.

Stilvi is supporting HELESCO in its Energy Performance Contracting projects with Retailers. A first project example became reality! The project differs from the mainstream energy saving projects in the care about lighting design, which has been addressed by the pursued approach, which proved that a remarkable upgrading of lighting conditions can be combined with unexpectedly high energy savings also in cases, where the lighting quality hasn’t benefited from a recent transition from obsolete lighting technologies to the prevalent solid state lighting technology.

The initial energy efficiency branded                                                 The revised lighting efficiency minded
LED-based lighting solution -                                                  LED-based lighting solution with a considerate
Annual Energy Consumption = 8.727 kWh                                     reuse of the existing lighting equipment –
                                                                                                            Annual Energy Consumption = 3.969 kWh

9. March 2017
Our newly devised lighting design concept about the night view of the War Museum of Athens has been delivered to the Public Power Company S.A. in the context of their recently announced plans to expand their lighting design services

13. July 2016
The International Lighting Design Workshop under the motto «Rethink the Night!», which has been supported by Stilvi in 2015 is now shortlisted for a Darc Award among 15 inspiring events (s. here). This pleasing distinction encourages us to extend our support to the forthcoming workshop, which will be held this October for a third year in a row in the surrounding of our headquarters on the island of Kea under a night sky of a particular quality (s. here).

15. June 2016
Stilvi elaborated the lighting design concept for the main Church (Katholikon) of the Holy Monastery of Giromeri, which undergoes an extensive restoration led by Prof. Dr. Stavros Mamaloukos. The adopted approach aims at the inconspicuous integration of the prevalent lighting quality into that of the candles and attaches a particular value to serving the monastery’s liturgical action by specifying pertinent lighting scenes according to the spiritual content and the semiotic tradition of alternating stages of the Orthodox Church services. The lighting technology and the relevant equipment have been chosen to fulfil their seamless integration into existing architectural elements.

6. June 2016
Stilvi Lighting Ltd. began new strategic cooperations with lighting manufacturers from Italy and Germany, Cor-Light and Laternix respectively, to answer the challenge of energy efficient lighting in the public sector in a versatile manner and to extend the range of energy services within the EPC Plus Network activities as well.

15. January 2016
Stilvi expands into the Retail Sector. First field tests have been carried out to achieve the optimal combination of the GAI (Gamut Area Index) and the energy efficiency of completely flicker free lighting with respect to the attractiveness of the visual environment of a department store in the center of Athens.

Previous                                                                  New Lighting of equal illuminance level with vivid color
Lighting                                                              appearance at only 40% of the initial energy consumption

22. September 2015
Stilvi agreed to join the SPIN (SME Partnerships for Innovative Energy Services), which will be established soon to serve the purpose of EPC Plus project. Stilvi will participate in an interdisciplinary cluster of SMEs & focus on the promotion of energy efficient lighting design, while a wide range of energy efficient approaches to further uses of energy for heating, cooling etc. will be collaboratively covered by the SPIN.

29. May 2015
Stilvi Lighting Ltd. is contributing to the International Lighting Design Seminar under the motto ” Rethink the Night! “, which will take place on the island of Kea from 12th to 16th October 2015 by providing installation equipment & educational guidance.

27. March 2015
The building of our headquarters has been distinguished for its architecture. s. here

19. February 2015
Georgios Paissidis is going to give a lecture about human centric lighting at the upcoming conference about Occupational Health & Safety on 26th February in Maroussi Plaza Hall.

2. December 2014
Stilvi Lighting Ltd. relocated its Headquarters to the island of Kea. According to recent photometric measurements the prevailing Night Sky Quality over the company’s building is equal to that of the Cerro Paranal Observatory in Chile. The new inspiring environment provides excellent conditions for research on dark-adapted perception and for the development of original nightscape concepts as well as for the development of biorhythmic and well-being oriented dynamic daylight-compliant lighting design concepts.

3. September 2014
Stilvi Lighting is supporting the International Lighting Design Workshop in Kea inviting lighting professionals to Rethink the Night and adopt night friendly approaches to lighting design.

8. May 2014
Stilvi Lighting has been assigned the task of implementation design for the illumination of Paphos Gate, the Maronite Church and the Katholic Holy Cross Church in Nicosia/CY according to its earlier approved lighting design concepts.

25. April 2014
According to the assessment letter 4398 of General Secretariat for Research / Technology of Greece from 11th April 2014 the submitted research proposal 7124-13/6/2013 of Stilvi Lighting Ltd. “Exploration of the lighting sufficiency potential of phosphorescent coatings and elements and of the development of relevant night-friendly lighting design techniques at natural nightscapes of particular environmental value” has been assessed as eligible for funding.

4. April 2014
The results of Stilvi Lighting Ltd. Research Project about Natural Light Therapy oriented Tourism in Cyprus, which have been published at the Light & Health Conference in Berlin in 2012 (s. here) seem to dictate the direction of modern tourism development in Cyprus according to a recent announcement of Socrates Heracleous / President of Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (s. here).

20. March 2014
Spring has sprung …
Stilvi has already started illuminating first gardens transforming them to enjoyable nightscapes at affordable prices.
Look at the most recent project here.

20. January 2014
Stilvi is now a MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA) and intends to offer relevant services to small greek islands deprived at the moment of satisfactory internet access by utilizing existing lighting poles as appropriate antenna locations. Stilvi doesn’t wait for the outdoor expansion of VLC to get involved into modern network technologies but aims to support VLC based LANs in relevant LED based lighting installations caring additionally for the connection to the outdoor public internet interface.

31. October 2013
Dr. -Ing. Georgios Paissidis will coordinate the session Public Lighting in the Service of Citizens on the occasion of Urban Lightscapes Symposium that will be held in Onassis Cultural Center, Athens/GR on the 4th of November 2013 according to the relevant programme.

22. October 2013
Dr. -Ing. Georgios Paissidis will give a presentation about Contrast Oriented Darkness Minded Lighting Design on the occasion of ALAN Conference in Berlin/DE on the 29th of October according to the relevant programme.

24. September 2013
Stilvi’s Lighting Design Concept for the Water Tower of Larissa has been approved. The suggested technique rests on the stimulation of luminescence by exposing invisible phosphorescent coatings to UV radiation, thus avoiding the emmission of obtrusive light, which emerges in this case only over the areas covered with phosphorescent coatings without leaving any bright traces of the spot beams in the dark sky. The night friendly design concept is supposed to be implemented within the first quarter of 2014.

The right  half  illustrates  the  present  situation            Nighttime appearance
The left  half  illustrates the suggested daytime

5. July 2013
The Water Tower of Larissa has been inaugurated by Eleftherios Venizelos in 1930. Stilvi is today commissioned to devise the lighting design concept, which will transform this industrial monument to an important landmark of Larissa urban nightscape.
According to the relevant contract Stilvi will also care about replacing current military camouflage patterns with new color patterns aiming at a modern daytime view, which can be the basis for an advanced nighttime view.

26. June 2013
The results of Stilvi Lighting Ltd. Research Project about Natural Light Therapy oriented Tourism in Cyprus, which have been published at the Light & Health Conference in Berlin in 2012 (s. here) seem to dictate the way out of the memorandum of economic and financial policies for Cyprus according to a recent interview of Nicos Nouris / Member of Cyprus Parliament (s. here).

16. May 2013
Stilvi’s Sufficiency Oriented Lighting Design (SOLD) principles will be presented on 28th October 2013 in Berlin at the Conference about Artificial Light At Night on the basis of a relevant lecture, which has been accepted by the Scientific Committee of the Conference.

9. May 2013
STILVI will have the opportunity of promoting and applying specific darkness minded lighting design approaches to urban nightscapes if the project SOUL (Sufficiency Oriented Urban Lighting), which has been submitted on 8th May to EU in the framework of the last Intelligent Energy Europe Call, will be granted.
The alternative of temporary festive lighting installations for the illumination of monuments & city landmarks as well as time scheduling foreseeing a variation of lighting scenes and respective energy consumption will be juxtaposed to the prevailing permanent lighting installations for city landmarks and evaluated in terms of energy efficiency.
Moreover STILVI will have the opportunity of suggesting afterglow aided lighting design techniques for streets at the threshold or beyond the range of classified streets according to EN 13201 as S6 and S7 streets for pedestrians.
The consortium of SOUL includes beside STILVI, LUCI Association, Energy Cities of Europe, Dark Sky Association Slovenia, European Sign Federation, Cyprus Energy Agency, Nightec and the National Observatory of Athens. You can find here a summary of the project.

19. February 2013
Stilvi is proud of their contribution to Lighting Design for the project “Residence in Ekali.” The Project “Residence in Ekali” was adjudicated the first place by Professor Kenneth Frampton in “DOMES 2013 Awards” and was awarded the 4th place in the category “Best First Building by a Young Architect of the years 2010-2012.”
186 projects participated in the ‘DOMES 2013 Awards’ and were judged by Iñaki Ábalos, Alberto Ferlenga and Kenneth Frampton.

11. February 2013
Stilvi participated in the Contest Zuerich by Light 2012. According to the last notification though Zuerich By Light Event has been cancelled for the year 2012, our project “Blaetterndes Licht” remains still shortlisted with a potential implementation perspective for the current year provided financial conditions will be convenient. see related movie … ( lindenhof_stilvi.wmv )

14. January 2013
STILVI Lighting Ltd has developed a new suspended sound absorbing lighting fixture made of transluscent beton.
for more: ( ANASA.pdf )

05. August 2011
STILVI Lighting Ltd. will sponsor the lighting workshop which is going to take place at the Headquarters of national commission on illumination of Greece at Nymphs Hill – National Observatory of Athens. Thus STILVI Lighting Ltd. expresses their interest in supporting lighting related educational activities.

29. July 2011
On 26th July 2011, the IALD Membership committee unanimously accepted the application of Dr. – Ing. Georgios Paissidis for Professional membership.

15. December 2010
Stilvi Lighting Design Team is working on lighting design for the new nighttime view of the walls of Nicosia, which will host EU Council in the second semester of 2012.

11. December 2010
Lecture of Georgios Paissidis on the occasion of Building Green Expo fair.
see more

10. November 2010
Lecture of Georgios Paissidis on the occasion of Interlight Moscow fair.
read more

04. November 2010
Interview with Georgios Paissidis on Mondo Arc – The International Magazine For Architectural Retail And Commercial Lighting. read more

04. April 2010
Stilvi lighting ltd. has been recognized as a LON minded company “eingetragener Fachbetrieb” by “Lonmark Deutschland”